8 Tips to Control Hair Loss | Hair Fall | बाल झड़ना कैसे रोकें | स्वस्थ बाल टिप्स | Hair Fall in Hindi-Episode 1

8 Tips to Control Hair Loss
Hair Loss | Hair Fall

Hi Everyone, welcome to My Healthy Bharat. In this article, you’ll find the top 8 Tips to Control Hair Loss | Hair Fall. We’ve created an episode on Hair Loss, which will provide you the complete information right from start to end.

As per the survey report, Hair Loss has become a common disease and it is noted that among 100 people 2 people are facing the problem. Therefore, stay connected with us to enjoy the benefits of information shared in the article.

In this article, I’ll share the below-mentioned details:

So, coming to our first point of discussion about:

What is Hair Loss?

Baldness or Hair Loss states extreme hair loss from your scalp. Hereditary is the major cause of Hair loss or Baldness with age. Nowadays, youths are facing the problem of hair loss. (Male hair loss and Female hair loss).

Causes of Hair Loss?

  • In the initial stage of hair loss, you’ll find 50 to 100 hairs on your pillow whenever you get up from the bed or while combing or when you take a bath.
  • Hair Thinning is not noticeable because new hair is growing at the same time.
  • When the Hair Follicle is destroyed and replaced with scar tissue

Major Factors of Hair loss

  • Hereditary – The common cause of hair loss is a hereditary known as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. It generally happens slowly with aging. Thinning or Receding hairline & bald spots in men and thinning of hair in women.
  • Hormonal changes and medical conditions – Several changes in health conditions can be a cause of hair loss, it also includes hormonal changes because of pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid problems. Many Medical conditions like patchy hair loss, scalp infections like ringworm & hair-pulling.
  • Medications and Health Supplements – Side effects of certain drugs taken for arthritis, gout, cancer, depression, high blood pressure, and heart problems can also cause Hair Loss.
  • Hairstyles and Hair Treatments – Hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, like ponytails, braids, pigtails or cornrows, can cause hair loss.

Risk factors of Hair Loss

  • Family history of balding, in parents or families
  • Age
  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Certain medical conditions, like Diabetes
  • Stress

8 Tips to Control Hair Loss | Hair Fall |How to Prevent Hair Loss?

Baldness caused by heredity or genetics is not preventable. But don’t worry in our forthcoming article of Hair Loss Treatments, we’ll share in detail how to undergo any hair loss treatment. And as per your requirement, you can opt for it.

Therefore don’t become hopeless about the treatments, even if you can’t prevent hair loss.

There are numerous hair loss treatments available nowadays, and with the help of any of the or these treatments, you can have a great look with a great hairstyle as per your choice.

  • Avoid tight hairstyles, such as braids, ponytails
  • Avoid twisting, rubbing or pulling hair
  • Gently wash and brush hair. A wide-toothed comb may help prevent pulling out hair
  • Avoid harsh treatments like hot rollers, curling irons, and hot oil treatments
  • Avoid Medications & Supplements
  • Protect hair from direct sunlight or any ultraviolet light
  • Stop Smoking
  • If treated with chemotherapy, consult the doctor and use cooling cap, it can reduce the risk of losing hair during chemotherapy treatment

FAQ’s of Hair Loss |8 Tips to Control Hair Loss | Hair Fall

  • What is the best way to Stop Hair Loss?
  • Tips for Healthy Hair
  • How to maintain Healthy Hair?
  • Can Hair Loss be prevented?
  • Can Hair Loss be due to Hormonal changes?
  • Is Hair Loss from Stress?
  • Tips to reduce Hair Loss
  • Can hair loss stop?
  • Can hair loss be treated?
  • Which medicines cause hair loss?
  • What hair loss symptoms?
  • How does hair loss start?
  • How hair loss occurs?
  • How much hair loss is normal?
  • How much hair loss is normal male?
  • When hair loss is not genetic?
  • When hair loss after chemo?
  • When hair loss is a problem?
  • Is hair loss hereditary?
  • Is hair loss due to stress?
  • Why hair loss during pregnancy?

Hope, the information shared in this article is beneficial to you. Stay connected with us to know our latest updates. We are striving hard to share with you the in-depth information on Hair Loss from our articles.

Follow the preventive measures shared above to control hair loss. And for those who are facing from hereditary or genetic hair loss, stay connected with us we’ll share with you the various hair loss treatments.

But don’t lose your hope, we are here for you and will definitely help you out from this problem.

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Till then, have good luck & bye, but we’re coming again with more helpful information for you.

20 Health Benefits of Moringa

Summary: – This article you can find what are the top 20 health benefits of Moringa. How moringa is called in different regional languages, the Medicinal Healing properties of Moringa or Drumstick Leaves, which are Home Remedies for many Minor and Major Diseases.

Health Benefits & Medical Advantages of Moringa are described for better understandings.

What is Moringa?

Moringa is commonly known as the drumstick tree, a Horseradish tree. It is called differently in Indian languages mentioned below:

How Moringa is called in Indian Regional Languages?

  • Hindi:                  Senjana, सेंजन
  • Marathi:               Shevga, शेवगा
  • Kannada:             Mochaka, Mochaka Mara, Guggala
  • Konkani:              Mashinga, मशींग
  • Malayalam:         Muringai
  • Tamil:                  Murungai, முறுங்கை
  • Telugu:                Mochakamu, Mulaga, Mulaga chettu

The plant is considered one of the most powerful medicinal plants which can actually fight against many diseases very effectively.

Therefore in many herbal as well as ayurvedic medicines the extract of Moringa or Drumstick leaves is used.

20 Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves?

The plant is considered as a standout amongst the most intense restorative plants which can really battle against in excess of 300 ailments successfully. Even for Ayurvedic medicine, Moringa / Drumstick Leaves are utilized.

List of Diseases that can be cured by Moringa:

  1. Enriched with Nutritious Qualities

  2. Vitality Booster

  3. Detoxification & Immunity System

  4. Anemia

  5. Blood Circulation

  6. Nervousness and Stress

  7. Vitamins, Proteins & Amino Acids

  8. Teeth & for Bones

  9. Fever

  10. Indigestion, Intestinal Worms & Gastric Problems

  11. Diarrhea

  12. Skin Diseases

  13. Eye & Ear Infections

  14. Glandular Swelling

  15. Breast Milk Secretion

  16. Bronchitis

  17. Beneficial on Pulse Level

  18. Strengthens Nerves & Develops Brain

  19. Beneficial for Diabetes Patients

  20. Increases Sperm Counts in Male

Details of healing properties and health benefits of Moringa:

Detoxification & Immunity System – Moringa or Drumstick Leaves helps to detoxify toxins from the body and boosts the Immunity System.


Anemia – Moringa Leaves or Drumstick strengthens the body, therefore it is especially advised for the consumption of Anemia Patients.


Blood Circulation – For better enhancement of Blood Circulation, intake the mixture of Moringa or Drumstick Leaves with Pure Ghee.

human body anatomy
Moringa Leaves helps for a Blood Circulation in our Body.

Treats Nervousness and Stress – Moringa Leaves has very effective benefits to control the level of Blood Pressure, Nervousness & Stress.

women with Stress
Nervousness & Stress

Vitamins, Proteins & Amino Acids – Moringa or Drumstick Leaves are enriched & provide Proteins, Eight Essential Amino Acids, and Vitamin A & Vitamin C abundantly.

Teeth & Bone Health – If you are in search of how to get your Teeth & Bone Healthy? Moringa is the best solution for teeth & bone.

Teeth & Bone
Healthy Teeth & Bone

Fever – Moringa or Drumstick Leaves extract a very effective and instant relief remedy.

man with thermometer checked the fever

Indigestion, Intestinal Worms & Gastric Problems – The extract of Moringa Leaves is very beneficial for Indigestion, Intestinal Worms & Gastric Problems.

women holding her stomach with Indigestion pain.
Indigestion, Intestinal Worms & Gastric Problems

Diarrhea – The extract of Moringa Leaves is very beneficial for Diarrhea. Read the below-given direction, how to intake the extract of Moringa Leaves for better results.

Direction how to take:

  • Take extract of Moring or Drumstick Leaves
  • Add some drops of honey in it
  • And Intake Mixture of Moringa Leaves and Honey.
  • Repeat 2-3 times a day.
A man littering

For better results drink Coconut Water

Skin Diseases – Moringa or Drumstick Leaves has properties of Natural Skin Antiseptic.

women with sun tan & rashes on face
Skin Diseases

Eyes & Ear Infection – For quick relief from Eye Dryness and Ear Pain, the extract of Moringa or Drumstick leaves are helpful.

Women rubbing eyes due to infection
Eye Infections
Infected Ear
Eye & Ear Infections

Glandular Swelling – Apply Plaster of Fresh Moringa or Drumstick Leaves

Women with Swollen Glands
Glandular Swelling

Breast Milk Secretion – Moringa or Drumstick Leaves enhances the Secretion of Breast Milk in mothers.

Women Breast feeding to baby
Breast Milk Secretion

Bronchitis – Intake Extract of Moringa or Drumstick leaves it decreases clogging.

Human lungs

Beneficial on Pulse Level – Intake Concentrates of Moringa Leaves

Strengthen Nerves & Develops Brain – Moringa is also enriched with Potassium for the reason that, it Strengthens Nerves & Develops Brain.

Human Brain
Strengthen Nerves & Develops Brain

Helpful for Diabetes Patients – Extract of Moringa Leaves control the Level of Glucose in Blood & adequate Insulin Creation in the body.

diabetes diagnosis with the device
Helpful for Diabetes Patients

How Moringa is Beneficial for Health?

  1. Calcium

    17 times more Calcium than Milk

  2. Protein

    9 times more Protein than Curd  

  3. Vitamin A

    4 times more Vitamin A than Carrot

  4. Iron & Amino Acid

    25 times more Iron than Spinach

  5. Vitamin C

    7 times  more Vitamin C than Orange

  6. Potassium

    15 times more Potassium & Magnesium  than Banana Moring Leaves

How to intake Moringa for better health benefits?

You can consume Moringa in 3 different ways as per your choice 1. Moringa leaves powder soup can be consumed. 2. You can drink powder of Moringa leaves mixed with milk 3. You can drink Moringa leaves powder mixed with water

How to use Moringa for Rejuvenate Skin or for Skin Infections?

Moringa powder can be used as a face pack for skin diseases. Moringa Oil being antiseptic and anti-inflammatory it defends from infections, scratches, burns, sunburn and skin infections

How Moringa is beneficial for Male Infertility?

Moringa increases sperm counts in men. For best results, Drumstick should be consumed 2-3 times a week.

For how many days or month Moringa Leaves or Drumstick to eat?

For better results, I strongly suggest eating moringa leaves or drumstick at least 1-2 months regularly.

Drink Moringa Leaves Extract a Day!! And keep the above Disease Away!!!

If you are unable to get Moringa Leaves powder, I’ve shared the links given below to facilitate you to order online:

Oil of Moringa (Useful for Skin): https://amzn.to/2GehwMF

Powder of Moringa Leaves: https://amzn.to/2vhn6eU

Seeds of Moringa: https://amzn.to/2NSqVO8

Conclusion: With the consuming Moringa Leaves, Drumstick, Moringa Seeds, Moringa Oil for the betterment of any Minor and Major Disease as per the above-mentioned Home Remedy. Hence, bring Moringa into your day to day diet and get a Healthy & Peaceful Life.

5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus |गुढ़ल फूल के लाभ

5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus
5 Benefits of Hibiscus

5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus its healing properties, and the Medicinal Usage are not only observed in its flowers but it is similarly observed in its Leaves & Roots.

It is beneficial for Curing & Preventing many Severe or Chronic Diseases, therefore Hibiscus Flower is also called Gold Flower or Thanga Pushpam, in Bharat or India.

Regional Names of Hibiscus Flower – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus Flower – Botanical Name: Hibiscus Rosa-Sinensis. In Bharat or India, Hibiscus Flower is known in different Indian languages like:

  • Hindi: Gurhal गुढ़ल
  • Manipuri: জুবা কুসুম Juba kusum athonba
  • Marathi: Jaswand जासवंद
  • Konkani: Dosni Phool दोस्णि फुल 
  • Kannada: ದಾಸವಾಳ DasavaLa
  • Malayalam: Chemparati
  • Tamil: செம்பருத்தி cembarutti

Cultural & Traditional Utilization in Bharat – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Red Hibiscus is the favorite Flower of Lord Ganesh & is used to offer at the time of Lord Ganesh Pooja or Prayers. It is also offered during Pooja or Prayers of Goddess Kali, in Bengal, Bharat.

What are the 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus?

Hibiscus Flower, its Leaves & Roots prevent & cure many diseases

Blood Circulation

Useful for all the Disease-related to Blood Circulation in our Body.

Directions to Intake:

  • Intake Daily 5 to 10 Hibiscus Flowers, & keep all the Diseases at bay, no need to visit any Doctor or to take any medicine.

Heart Disease | 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Types of Heart Diseases:

  • Heart Attack
  • Congenital Heart Disease
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Coronary Heart Disease

Causes of Heart Disease

  • Formation of Blockages in the vessels which supply blood to heart known as Coronary Arteries.
  • Poor Blood Circulation, Depression & Anger.

How to Prevent Heart Disease? | How to Cure Heart Disease?

Ingredients Required

  • Hibiscus Flowers
  • White Lotus
  • Milk

Treatment Method

  • Extract Water from Hibiscus Flowers & White Lotus 
  • Mix the Extraction with Milk


  • Opens the Blockages formed in Coronary Arteries i.e. vessels supply blood to the heart.


  • Immediate / Maximum within 60 Days

Blood Pressure – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

It denotes the extent of Blood Force pushed against the Blood Vessel Walls, which carries throughout the body. This function is done by Heart.

When the pressure of Blood High, it results in Heart to work harder to pump the blood in the body, resulting in the hardening of Arteries, Stroke, Heart Failure, and Kidney Disease.

This level of Blood Pressure is called High Blood Pressure or Hypertension.

Causes of Blood Pressure – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

  • Anger
  • Stress

How to Prevent Blood Pressure?

Ingredients Required:

  • Cumin Seeds 1 Gram (Jira, Jeera, Zira or Safaid Jeera of Zeera)
  • Indian Gooseberry 1 Gram (Amla, Avla, Aonla, Nelli, Dhatri Amalaka)
  • 2 Liters of Water in a Bowl, drop 5 to 10 Hibiscus Flower in it
  • Drop Cumin Seeds & Gooseberry in the Water Bowl of Hibiscus Flower.
  • Keep this Mixture for full Night.

Treatment Method

  • Next Morning Drink the Water


  • Relaxes or Soothes our Mind & Body
  • Controls the Hormones provoking Anger.


  • Within 60 Days

Anger, Stress & Depression increases the level of Hormone & level gives rise to many diseases in Body. 

It has the properties to control the hormonal level of the body. Mental Relaxation & Body Heat is controlled by the consumption of Hibiscus Flower.

Hair-Fall | Hair Loss | Hair Re-growth | Shiny & Silky Hair – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Hair loss is a concern among Men, Women and also observed in Children. There are many treatments available for Hair Loss or Hair Regrowth, but you cannot regain your Natural Hair again.

So follow this Herbal Treatment which will be very much useful & helpful for Hair Regrowth & Hair Loss with Shiny & Silky Natural Hair. This treatment will not free from side-effects, and purely natural.

No need to search for any Clinic, Hospitals or Surgeries, be your own Doctor, generate own solution or remedy for your concern.

Ingredients Required

  • Hibiscus Flowers Leaves Powder
  • Methi Dana or Fenugreek Seeds Powder &
  • Curry Leaves or Kadipatta Powder
  • Add these ingredients in Hair Oil
  • Boil the Mixture Well
  • Let it Cool

Treatment Method

  • Apply the Oil Daily to the Hair
  • Take Shower or Hair Wash


  • Controls Hair Fall or Hair Loss
  • Hair Regrowth
  • Shiny & Silky Hair


  • Within 60 Days

Dandruff – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Dandruff can be defined as nothing but the skin on the scalp and the cycles to Grow and Die the Skin Cells are the main causes of Dandruff.

Therefore, no need to worry & to empty your wallets for buying Dandruff Shampoos, Conditioner, etc.

The results will be always negative or temporary. Follow the treatment at your home & get Dandruff Free Hair.

Ingredients Required

  • Powder of Hibiscus Flowers

Treatment Method

  • Apply the Powder Daily to Hair
  • Take Shower or Hair Wash


  • Eliminates Dandruff


  • Immediate / Maximum within 60 Days

Leucorrhoea or Excess Flow of Semen in Women – 5 Health Benefits of Hibiscus

Definition of LeucorrhoeaLeucorrhoea in common language is called as Excess Flow of Semen in Women or Leukorrhea.

It is a medical disorder faced by a woman by experiencing, thick, sticky and white vaginal discharge. It is observed during the Stage of Reproductive Age in all women.

Make implementation of this free from side-effects treatment naturally. No need to spend your money on any Clinic, Hospitals, you can treat yourself, by generating this remedy for your concern.

Ingredients Required

  • Leaves of Hibiscus Flower
  • Cow Milk

Treatment Method

  • Daily Early Morning, Intake Leaves of Hibiscus Flower in empty Stomach with Cow Milk.
  • Continue this Treatment for 40 Days


  • Eradicates even Chronic Excess Flow of Semen in Women


  • Maximum within 40 Days